Shawna Roberts

Earth Acupuncture in Tofino, BC

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Call Shawna to book your session at 250-266-6920


Shawna Roberts is a Licensed Acupuncturist registered in BC.

Her holistic acupuncture treatments focus on balancing the body's natural energy pathways to restore both physical and mental wellbeing. 

Every one of us is from this Earth and the elements of nature are the same forces that act within our bodies. When a system is healthy, all of these elements are in balance. Dis-ease arises when imbalance occurs and the flow of our life energy is disrupted.

"Drawing on the healing power of nature to support your body's own healing wisdom, together we will develop a unique treatment plan allowing you the time and space to discover your own healing powers.

May you feel supported and nurtured in your journey of healing." ~ Shawna Roberts


Signature Private Acupuncture Session (One hour) $95.